Item Name RCDC Plan


Quick Overview
RCDC Plan is a unique structural planning and modelling software. The software automates the process of structural planning viz.locating, sizing and alignment of structural members. RCDC Plan facilitates Parametric and decision based simplified modelling.

RCDC Plan generated 3D structural analysis models that are compatible with leading analysis software.

Expertise: Structural planning and modelling for concrete buildings

Features: 1.Interactive planning
                 2.Accurate modelling with offsets and releases
                 3.Seamless integration with analysis
  • Import CAD centreline
  • Plan structural schemes
  • Right size members
  • Generate accurate physical geometry
  • Parametric load definition and application
    • Gravity
    • Wind
    • Gust
    • Earthquake
  • One click definition of Member Specifications
  • Support specifications
  • Check for modelling errors
  • Visualise load distribution
  • Export 2D and 3D drawings
  • Auto-generation of accurate analysis model with
    • Member offsets and releases
    • Member orientation and beta angles
    • Shear wall / pier definitions
    • Joint and member loads