Item Name RCDC


Quick Overview
RCDC is the industry leading concrete detailed engineering software. It is a powerful software that delivers a completely seamlessly integrated process linking analysis to design & detailing, drawings, estimation and reporting.

RCDC is used across a wide spectrum of industry including high rises, residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.

Expertise: Reinforced concrete framed structures

Features: 1.Interactive design & detailing
                 2.Seamless integration with analysis
                 3.One-click design drawings and fabrication detailing
  • IS, ACI, EURO and BS code supported
  • Seamless integration with analysis software
  • Intuitive detection of physical geometry
  • First principle based accurate design
  • Construction ready (considering member continuities) auto-detailing
  • Interactive design and detailing
    • Member Sizes
    • Material Properties
    • Rebar arrangements
  • Advanced design visualisation
  • Design Drawings
    • Longitudinal sections and elevations
    • Cross sections
    • Text schedules
  • Estimation
    • Rebars
    • Concrete
    • Formwork
  • Fabrication Detailing
    • Bar bending schedules
    • Bar placement drawing