Custom Products

3D Structural Analysis and Design

Custom built software for 3D and 2D structural analysis and design for global company in the infrastructure sector.

  • Parametric 3D geometry definition
  • Graphical load application
  • 3D and 2D space frame generation and analysis
  • RCC and steel design
  • Detailed analysis and design reporting
  • Bill of Quantities

Lighting Tower & Pole Design

A parametric software for the modelling, analysis, design and drawing of lighting tower and poles for a global lighting and power major.

  • Parametric model generation
  • Facility to modify geometry and add loads
  • Wind load generation as per global standards
  • 3D fame model
  • 3D finite element model
  • Steel design
  • Design reporting, estimation and drawing

Transmission Tower Foundation

Transmission tower foundation design software for a transmission line consisting of multiple types of towers and varying soil conditions for an international EPC company.

  • Cost based optimisation
  • Permutations among various cross sections of foundations
  • Concrete design as per international codes
  • Design calculation and estimation
  • Fabrication detailing
  • Formatted drawing presented in templates

RCC Fabrication Detaling

A software that creates Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) for RCC structures created for a company into estimation and project management.

  • Both drawing based and form based data input
  • Auto-generation of bar placement drawing
  • Auto-generation of BBS in CAD and worksheet format
  • Cross functional process linking
  • Flexible and versatile detailing styles

Drawing Automation for Pre-stressed Members

A CAD linked software that automates the detection, profiling and drawing of tendons for pre-stressed members.

  • Read CAD files to get geometry
  • Detect tendon locations
  • Work out the profile of each and every tendon
  • Create detailed drawings

Silo Drawing Automation

A drawing automation software solution for generation of detailed design drawings for silo structures.

  • Detailed drawings to scale
  • Longitudinal sections in both directions
  • Plans showing rebars through silo and hopper
  • Cross sections of ring beam
  • Form based one-time data captures

Rate Analysis

A comprehensive software for rate analysis of various items in a civil engineering project.

  • Detailed definition of items
  • Definition of various materials
  • Definition of labour component
  • Master based definitions
  • Cost analysis

Portal Based Operations Management

A portal based operations management system for a leading structural engineering company.

  • Internet based
  • Capture operation data
  • Real time resource management
  • Cross functional process linking
  • Hierarchical real time MIS reporting