Client Speak

The acid test of our products, solutions and services is what our clients and users have to say about us. A few of our long term clients have shared their experience in words.

“S-Cube’s RCDC has come close to relieving a Structural Engineer from dry arithmetic calculations and allowing him to focus more on the art of engineering. The important fact is that, while RCDC has the power to do all this by itself, the outputs remain fully under control due to its sequential user interface facility.”

Girish Dravid,
Sterling Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

"S-Cube’s RCDC is an excellent design and detailing software. It integrates seamlessly with Etabs & Staad and produces necessary design and detailing documents. Calculations are detailed and precise and can be submitted to approving authority.

Quality of drawings is very good.

Software saves lot of engineering and drafting man-hours provided structure is modeled properly in the Analysis software."

Mukesh Pritamdasani,
Ramboll Engineering Consulting Services

“Toyo Engineering India Private Limited has been using RCDC for last 3 years. We have designed non-plant buildings, Precast Pipe racks & RCC Pipe racks using RCDC. RCDC team also developed custom made version based on EURO code for our project in Malaysia. We find the software very useful and it has helped in speeding up the design process.

We appreciate RCDC team’s technical capabilities & their professional approach in providing solution & trouble shooting.

Keep up the good work!!!”

Pankaj Oak,
HOD - Civil,
Toyo Engineering India Private Limited

“RCDC is an effectively Bridging software between RC design and drafting. It saves quite amount of drafting time. The user-friendly interface helps in quick understanding of the RCDC steps. The amount of detailing option is good, caters to various detailing philosophies. RCDC also helps in optimization along with practicality. Drafting errors and rework can be considerably brought down.  The support is prompt and efficient.”

Vivek Patole,
Head - Structures,

“The package of design and detailing programs RCDC is an excellent complement for the design, development and management of construction documents i.e. structural drawings, design calculations and BOQ for concrete structures. We use them in most of our important structural projects such as low rise, mid rise and high rise projects. The results are presented in a format that is useful to keep track of the calculations, and the software easily allows you to change the input and optimize the results.

Divyesh Mistry
Director (Engineering),
CBM Engineers India

“S-Cube’s RCDC is an excellent productivity and reliability enhancing tool (post analysis) and is especially relevant in the current scenario, when structural engineers are required to produce reliable designs and drawings in relatively short timeframes. The design of various elements of a building can be carried out, either in batch mode or interactive mode, in a relatively short time compared to most other options available and in a reliable and standardized manner compliant with code requirements. Design calculations are produced in a clear and concise form which can be submitted for proof checking / approvals.

Detailed RC drawings are produced with the added flexibility of interactively guiding the detailing of reinforcement to suit project / code requirements. In our experience the drawings produced require very little editing / checking, except for non-standard conditions.

All in all, it provides a good option to satisfy the continuing efforts in most design offices to produce reliable and standardized designs with an excellent level of documentation.”

Ramnath Shenoy,
Project Director,
Mott Macdonald (India)

"It was a few years ago when we at YSSA got introduced to RCDC and the software package fulfilled our long time requirement of an able and customized postprocessor.

The fact that the software connects to two of the most widely used structural packages -STAAD.Pro & ETABS- makes it the most practical way of conveying design office results to site in the form of quality drawings. And in producing these drawings, the software ensures that no codal violation takes place, nor can any member be under-designed."

Nikhil Joshi, 
JW Consultants

"RCDC is very helpful, well formulated, handy and very indispensable in the daily works of Structural Engineers and Professional Specialists because of its presentation of various design procedures, fundamental design principals and excellent drawing output. Therefore pleasingly, I wish to convey, my sincere appreciation."

Gireesh M Rajadhyaksha,
GMR Structural Engineers

"There are various software's available with high accuracy in analysis. RCDC's contribution to designing and detailing, which is the backbone of structural engineering, has enabled us to achieve accurate and faster designs of various structural elements. RCDC has helped in not only reducing our design/detailing efforts but to achieve high accuracy, reduced cost and meeting our commitments to clients."

Shrinivas Mahamuni,
Ascent Consulting Engineers